Friday, June 24, 2011

Very Exciting Wordpress Things!

As mentioned in my previous post, I started a Wordpress blog...which grew, and grew, and grew. It's a very websitey sort of blog, and I'm still working on how to functionally integrate everything I want to do with it, but it definitely exists!

First and foremost, the Wordpress incarnation of Bygone Glamour is a component of, and documentation for, what was essentially my senior thesis project, my Division III at Hampshire College. Last month, I graduated with a degree in Public History and the Applied History of Needle Arts, and my Div III involved a great deal of research into various aspects of historical clothing and authentic reproduction sewing, as well as vintage-style sewing, historically-inspired sewing, and teaching. I also wrote several articles, posted on the other blog, about different aspects of my studies.

I'm now working on expanding the Wordpress blog, adding pictures, making it more functional, and starting up regular posting. So things may not be very lively around here, but I'm getting the proverbial ball rolling over there!

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